9 Ways to Customize Your Android Device

How to customize your Android lock screen, wallpaper, apps, and more

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There are many ways to make an Android smartphone or tablet your own, from transferring contacts and apps to installing widgets and downloading fun wallpaper. Once you dig in, you’ll be surprised at the ways that you can customize your Android device, even without rooting it. After you transfer your data, wipe the old phone and sell your old device or donate or repurpose it. Here are nine ways to make your Android device all about you.

The directions below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, or other manufacturers.

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Transfer Your Contacts, Apps, and Other Data

Google Drive on an Android phone.

When you get a new Android, transfer the data from a previous device by syncing with your Google account or by making a manual backup and restoring it to your new phone. If you have your old phone, this is a painless way to go. There are other apps you can use to back up data on one device and transfer that data to another device.

If you’re coming from iOS, you can transfer most of your data to an Android.

  1. Laden Sie die Google Drive-App auf Ihr iPhone herunter.
  2. Starten Sie die App und melden Sie sich an.
  3. Gehen Sie zu Menü >Einstellungen >Sicherungskopie.
  4. Zylinderkopfschrauben Start Backup to choose what to back up or back up everything.
  5. Sign in to your Android device using the same Google account.

Turn off iMessage on your iPhone to avoid issues with text messages getting to your new Android. Tap Einstellungen > Account Beiträge und dann ausschalten iMessage Kippschalter.


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