The Best Measurement Apps for Android in 2022

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If you’re remodeling a room or trying to work out the dimensions of an area in your house before buying furniture, using a measurement app for Android can save a lot of time and avoid headaches.

Measuring Angles: Angle Meter

Angle measurement app for Android

Several tools in one app.

Measure difference between two angles.

Small ad banner at the top of the app.

Menu is not intuitive.

Angle Meter is a useful app for measuring the angle of real world surfaces. You can hold the phone standing up on any surface and the display will show you the angle of that surface relative to the ground.

The app includes several other tools, including a protractor that lets you place your phone flat to measure surface angles, and a laser level tool that lets you place your phone on any object above the floor to view how level the surface is.

There’s also an icon in the upper left corner of the screen that acts as a compass and always shows you the orientation of your phone relative to due North.

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